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Our Current Projects

Law Enforcement Training Multi-Agency Survey

The statewide Developmental Disability Safety Coalition is seeking broad level data on the prevalence of law enforcement agencies in Arizona offering training to their employees on disability-related topics, particularly Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and physical disabilities. Additionally, the Coalition would like to assess how prevalent voluntary registry programs are throughout Arizona.


Be SAFE Interactive Screenings

Autism Society of Greater Phoenix will host BE SAFE Interactive Screenings throughout Arizona, bringing local police officers and young people with Autism together to learn from one another. Officers from many different local police departments will be paired with teens/adults with Autism to mentor them and learn from them.
After watching each BE SAFE movie scene, police officers will help the young people learn and practice four life-saving skills: 1) Stay where you are when you meet the police,  2) Do what the police tell you to do, 3) Show your empty hands to the police, 4) Don’t touch an officer or their equipment.

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